The purpose of the Foundation is

  1. Activities for the development of knowledge in the field of integrative medicine, and health education, prophylaxis of family: children, adults.
  2. Promote and develop mutual cooperation centers in the country and abroad involved in the area referred in point 1.
  3. Focus attention of medical doctors, psychologists, educators, scientists and social workers on the idea of ​​the Foundation  of those who want to support the development of prevention and treatment and health of family.

The Foundation pursues its goals through

  1. Training activity, therapeutic, advisory and information, organizing lectures, meetings, training courses.
  2. Favorable conditions for the development of social, scientific and educational activities.
  3. Maintaining a high level of expertise and emergency responders shape their ethical awareness in the context of professional practice.
  4. Publishing activities and popularizing the field of integrative medicine, working with national and local authorities and all institutions in the application and development of the theory and practice of diagnosis and treatment and prevention.
  5. Staying in touch with other scientific societies and centers of similar profile in the country and abroad.

We invite you to cooperate with our regular programs and actions

Zdrowy Przedszkolak

Every year we conduct regular Big Spring Cleanup, Rescuing Teddy Bear – for the little ones. Recently, we decided to support the Polish government and private kindergartens in the field of nutrition in healthy preschooler Zdrowy Przedszkolak| campaign.

Details on our website and a new campaign website